WW Diet Box Small
WW Diet Box Small

WW Diet Box Small

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Due to popular demand we have created a bespoke WW Diet Friendly box, its perfect for calorie counting and watching what you eat while still enjoying the best of cuts and flavours. this one is a perfect box for regular deliveries to keep everything fresh, The Box contains:

Zero Points Proteins

2 x 450g Chicken Breast Mince 98% Lean

2 Fresh UK Chicken Filets Skinless and Boneless

2 x 8oz Pork Loin Steaks Skinless and Boneless

2 x 8oz Pork Fillet Steaks Skinless and Boneless


Plus Points 

3 x 3oz Sirloins extra Trimmed 3 Plus Points Each

200g Lean Steak Mince 3 Plus Points per 100g

2 x 4oz Lean Steak Burgers 4 Plus Points Each

4 x 2oz Lean Steak Meatballs 2 Plus Points Each



David lost 4 stone using the above products and can say from experience that its the best way to Enjoy your diet while not skimping on taste or variety of meals.