Family Favourites Box
Family Favourites Box

Family Favourites Box

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Some of the tastiest favourites from Reilly and Sons to make mouth watering meals at a great price. This box contains: 

2 x Cajun Chicken Fillets 

2 x Szechwan Chicken Fillets 

2 x Tikka Chicken Fillets 

4 x 4oz Chilli Burgers 

4 x 4oz Sweet Chilli Chicken Burgers 

4 x 4oz BBQ Pork Loin Steaks 

2 x 450g of our Less than 5% Fat Extra Lean Steak Mince 

2 x 450g Hand Linked Low Fat Pork Links 

1 Whole Chicken 

1Kg Beef Topside

1Kg Brisket