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Our History

Arthur Beyaert Reilly (Founder)

Reilly and Sons was founded by Arthur Beyaert Reilly in May 1953 during his work with Lord Vestey with the cattle trade between Ireland and the UK. The company has developed from humble beginnings to become one of the finest suppliers of meat, pork and poultry in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Joseph Reilly

The business has remained family run and still abides by the same family values of quality of product and consistent skilled butchery. With three generations of Master Butchers still involved in the day to day running of the company.

Arthur Reilly

Reilly and Sons has earned and maintained a fantastic reputation within the meat industry for its reliability, quality and attention to detail. We are one of the few butchers to dry age our roasts for a minimum of 45 days guaranteeing complex flavour and tenderness to all of our steaks.
We remain committed to keeping the old ways alive and all our steaks being hand cut and burgers hand pressed.