Stock your fridge and freezer box Small

Stock your fridge and freezer box Small

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Our usual fresh quality produce enabling you to cook a plethora of your favourite dishes to keep everyone at home happy!

Box includes: 

4 Fresh Prime UK Chicken Fillets 

1 x 450g Lean Hand Diced Rump Braising Beef 

2 x 450g of our 95% Extra Lean Steak Mince 

4 x 4oz Hand Pressed Steak Burgers 

2 x 6oz Beef Rump Steaks 

2 x 8oz Beef Sirloin Steaks aged for a minimum of 28 days to ensure texture and taste 

450g of our Hand Linked Low Fat Pork Links

2 x 8oz Pork Loin Steaks 

Great ingredients to make all the family favourites!! And all our products are freshly cut to order and can be frozen at home.